Their Future, Made by Hand
College-educated and unemployed, New York’s young home cooks hope to find a place in the food world.
Top Chefs and Restaurateurs Are Drawn to Beirut
After years of turmoil, more than 100 restaurants, some involving notable chefs and restaurateurs, are helping the city reclaim its title as the Paris of the Middle East.
For Would-Be Cooks in New York, a School With Small Classes
Jennifer Clair, a former chef and food editor, has opened a cooking school in Chelsea.
Dried Limes, a Middle Eastern Secret for Flavoring Soups and Stews
A staple in Middle Eastern dishes combines the brightness of citrus with the tang of fermentation.
Quick Yogurt Sauce
To serve with broiled shrimp.
Chicken Stew With Dried Limes
Chicken and rice, piled with fresh garnishes.
Lentil Salad With Dried Lime
A dried lime adds flavor to the dish while the lentils are cooking.
Broiled Shrimp With Dried Lime
Rubbing shrimp with a spice paste adds flavor.
Creamy Strawberry Moscato Torte
Tweaking a tiramis? recipe by subtracting the espresso and adding strawberries and wine.
Artichokes Take a Dip in a Pool of Stock
Braising the season’s fresh batch of artichokes.
Braised Artichokes
Braising gives artichokes more flavor than steaming in about the same time.
Tiramis? That Soaks Up Wine Instead of Coffee
Strawberries pile in with the ladyfingers and the mascarpone, and a fizzy moscato stands in for the espresso.
A Scoop of Vanilla, or Roasted Garlic
Ice cream parlors still offer the classic flavors, but are also catering to adventurous palates with new combinations and tastes, some savory instead of sweet.
A Renovated Menu, With a Wealth of Choices
At One Twenty Three, a contemporary redo of offerings, with sheer sauces and many salads, joins a list of greatest hits.
Places That Reopen When the Flowers Do
A dozen or so Connecticut restaurants are open only in warm weather, although that concept has been stretched beyond the traditional Memorial Day to Labor Day.
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